Sencha Cherry Rose Tea Garden

Sencha Cherry Rose Tea Garden
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Sencha Cherry Rose Tea Garden

This unique green tea blend is inspired by the city of Kyoto which is the cultural center of Japan. The flavor profile of our Sencha Cherry Rose Tea has a mild astringency with smooth grassy undertones and subtle hints of cherry and rose that give it a pleasing and alluring character.

Sencha is the most popular tea in Japan, and when visiting a Japanese home that is the tea a guest is most likely to be served. This Japanese green tea is processed without grinding the tea leaves. The word "sencha" is translated differently by several groups of tea aficionados - some believe it means "roasted tea" while others prefer "simmered tea". Sencha is one of the world’s most popular green teas and while mainly thought of as a Japanese tea, green tea is native to China and during the Ming Dynasty (in the 17th century), a monk named Ying Yuan brought the first Sencha loose leaf tea to Japan

Several hundred years ago Kyoto was the religious capital of Japan. During the spring this region of Japan is similar to our nation’s capital and is aglow with Spring’s blooming cherry blossoms. The rose petals in this green tea blend are intended to bring to mind these brilliant but delicate cherry blossoms. The natural cherry flavor is reminiscent of the wonderful smells that engulf you with every light breeze in both of these great cities.

The liquor of this high quality Sencha Cherry Rose tea is a pale yellow green. The brewing temperature of the water can have a noticeable effect on the flavor. When a hotter water (closer to boiling) is used you’ll find the tea more astringent, with using water closer to 170° it keeps the tea relatively mellow.

Ingredients: green Sencha tea, rose petals and natural cherry flavors.

We recommend brewing at 170° and some Sencha fans prefer to let it steep for as little as 45 seconds while others swear that up to 7 minutes is best – experiment to find your personal sweet spot. Leaves are good for 3-5 infusions.

Low caffeine

1.5 oz bag makes about 12 - 15 cups of tea

1/2 lb. bag makes about 70 - 80 cups of tea

Loose Tea

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