Paper Tea Filters

Paper Tea Filters
Item# DB94500-501-002

Product Description

Paper Tea Filters
Paper Tea Filters

94002 - box of 50 - approx 3.35" x 9.65" - these taper at the bottom - great for carafes, thermus pitchers, tall pitchers, and tall thermus mugs. These are really great for making iced tea in a carafe or pitcher. I use 2 or 3 in each pitcher and make very strong tea so I can just add some of the strong tea to a glass of water. This helps in not having to make iced tea so often as I drink it a lot in the summer. Product of Denmark

94500 - box of 100 - approx 3.35" x 7.28" - great for extra large mugs and teapots. Bleached with oxygen. Made in Germany.

94501 - Cha Cult - box of 100 - Small - approx 2.56" x 5.12" - great for small mugs, medium sized mugs, and small teapots. Great to use with our tea kettle teabag clip. Unbleached. Made in Germany.

94505 - box of 100 - Paper tea filter for cups with reusable plastic stick. (please see inset for picture) These are really great! I've been using them and really love them. They are bleached with oxygen. Package comes with 100 filters and 1 plastic stick. The stick is very sturdy and can be used over and over. The filter holds up to 2 teaspoons of tea and has plenty enough room for the tea leaves to bloom. For a very large mug, you can use two tea bags on the one stick. The stick is about 5" long so it fits well across a large mug. Made in Germany.

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