Cranberry Apple Hibiscus Fruit Tea

Cranberry Apple Hibiscus Fruit Tea
Item# PTS5996

Product Description

Cranberry Apple Hibiscus Fruit Tea

This tea has a full bodied character with a subtle tartness coming from the hibiscus and cranberry with sweet apple undertones.

In the fall and winter add a cinnamon stick or a few cloves to create an exotic mulled spiced tea.

Hibiscus petals, apple, rosehip, cranberries, elderberries, lingonberries and Natural flavors.

Ideal brewing temperature is between 194-212F. Brew for 2-4 minutes.

The tea liquor is deep burgundy red.

Caffeine free. Low in antioxidants.

1.5 oz bag makes about 12 - 15 cups of tea

1/2 lb. bag makes about 70 - 80 cups of tea

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