Cherry/Kiwi/Coconut Fruit Tea Box of 10 tea bags

Cherry/Kiwi/Coconut Fruit Tea Box of 10 tea bags
Item# DB22021-TB

Product Description

Cherry/Kiwi/Coconut Fruit Tea Box of 10 tea bags
Delicious and fruity great for hot tea or iced tea.

Each teabag will make about 1 medium size teapot or 2-3 cups of tea depending of strength of tea desired.

Ingredients: apple pieces, coconut shreds, freeze-dried kiwi pieces and sour cherry pieces, natural and artificial flavoring.


Steep 10-12 minutes

In Water 203-212 degrees F

1 piece / serving

10 tea packets per box

Important: Always brew with boiling water and let infuse for 5-10 minutes in order to obtain a safe beverage!

Do you know that feeling on gray days, when you just want to push the clouds aside and let the sun shine through? This extremely accomplished and decorative creation will certainly add a shine to your tea assortment and will light up your corner of pleasure. The acid-free blend is supported by freeze-dried kiwi and sour cherry pieces. This fine, regal blend is further enhanced by Crunchy coconut flakes that give you an insight into the secret of sunny flavor offered by this blend.

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